This is a very simple process. As long as you can read an email and push a button you can do this. Follow these simple steps and you are on your way to making money

Step 1. Google online sports books and pick one to your liking. (Bookmaker, 5 dimes, Bet USA, sportsbetting.ag are some of the most popular ones my players use) However select one of your liking and verify its ok to place wagers from your location. Call them up and make a deposit to them

Step 2. Choose one of the packages on our website. Once you choose a package you click the payment button and make payment. We will then send you a confirmation email. Make sure you check your spam.  Sometimes the first email goes there. Also if you have an unusual domain like comcast.com or something similar set up a gmail.com or yahoo.com account. This will prevent mass emails from being blocked to you.

Step 3. Once you pick a package we will email you the plays. You then log into your online betting account you set up and place the bets. Once the bets win you keep all the profits. We don't take a percentage back like so many others. All the profits are 100% yours. If you never placed a wager before you can call up the customer service # to your online book and they will assist you placing bets over the phone. I have had many beginners and even females do this simple process with so much success. Also for terminology use "google" which works very well. If you have any questions for AllSportsConsulting ® email support at pro.sports.consultant@gmail.com. Be aware you will get flooded with scammers messaging you if you ever comment on AllSportsConsulting ® posts. These people claim to have AllSportsConsulting ® picks for dirt low pricing. Stay away they will steal your money. Unless you get the picks from this site here they are NOT AllSportsConsulting ® official picks!!

Step 4. Now select a package and start making money!